GlobalPKG provides an easy-to-use, highly efficient, browser-accessible system for developing and organizing packaging specifications. Featuring a central online repository for packaging data – including CAD drawings, graphical files, photographs, spreadsheets, memos, test results and more – the GlobalPKG specifications database incorporates a high degree of flexibility in creating custom fields, developing complex BOM structures, and managing all related documents.


Specifications can be sorted and filtered by any criteria. User-definable fields, reports and data views support a high level of customization. Our spec-centric system makes it easy to manage and track product specifications, costs, manufacturing efficiencies and constraints, transportation and distribution logistics, marketing, merchandising and channel data from one online, virtual location. Information is available in real time to all participants in the packaging supply chain on a selective, password-protected basis.

By providing a central repository for all packaging-related information, GlobalPKG provides a level of control over the entire process never before available. Packaging specifications become complete, accurate, and highly leverageable.

  • Organize, sort, filter and report on your data quickly and easily.
  • Create views of the data you want to see
  • Use specialized tools like ‘find similar’ and ‘where lives’ to leverage your data
  • Download and upload CAD drawings, photos, graphics, and any other files in any format to and from your GlobalPKG database. Create an online gallery of designs, with photos, for online viewing by any user