GlobalPKG’s offers real-time visibility to all participants in the packaging process — both internal and external — while compressing the cycle time of each iteration of the package development process for highly optimized packaging systems. Because all services are available online through a standard browser, there are no compatibility issues to impact communications. Full participation across the supply chain results in the creation of true value chains.

Linking suppliers online through a universally accessible, platform-independent interface eliminates historical entry barriers for expensive and proprietary systems. Owners of the specifications determine the availability of fields and records to individual suppliers, via password protection and separate URLs for real-time visibility. Numerous file formats are viewable online within the browser and any relevant file can be attached to and viewed within the packaging spec.

  • Early in the process, create significant time and cost savings with improved communications with all supply-chain participants.
  • Use your own Web address to access your specs. You can also create satellite Web locations to allow customers, vendors, or anyone in your supply chain to gain real time visibility of specifications.
  • Network globally with all the players in the packaging supply chain.