GlobalPKG has a full suite of product components addressing all aspects of the packaging supply chain.

Specification Management:

The always-available GlobalPKG online database and specifications management system lets everyone in the supply chain create, manage, and collaborate on packaging throughout the product life cycle.


GlobalPKG’s menu-driven Style Configurator instantly creates customized CAD drawings and specifications for a wide array of the world’s most widely used packaging styles. GlobalPKG’s Dynamic Standards ™ for packaging provide users with state-of-the-art results – instantly.


GlobalPKG’s menu-driven pallet load generator instantly creates optimized pallet / unit load solutions allowing users to interactively configure complexity and other key variables.


Want to know when changes are made?  Our SmartWatch solution allows you to tag specific specification attributes for notification when any user across the supply chain makes modifications that meet your criteria.

Supply Chain Collaboration:

The GlobalPKG service enables secure, real-time communications for all participants in the packaging process. All information is securely stored online; the owners of the specification determine access and availability for each participant.


GlobalPKG’s advanced search engine that enables the real-time search of existing specifications to find the right match for your product packaging needs reducing redundancy and jump-starting the development process.

Strategic Consulting:

Our Professional Services and Strategic Planning staff are here to help you leverage what you already may have in combination with GlobalPKG to create an immediate impact on your market..